Weekend Cat Blogging #86: Even when things get tough…

Well, it's been a rather difficult weekend here, one of the worst in a long time, actually – regular readers know I prefer not to discuss details of my personal life, but things are bad enough that not even the whacky exploits of Burbed and other refuges in snarky humor have been able to help.

But we at CatSynth are troopers, and shall go ahead with Weekend Cat Blogging regardless. Here is a picture from about a year ago of Luna enjoying her perch on the barstool. She is of course elegant as always.

In all seriousness, Luna is a great comfort when things are difficult, she is a master of “kitty love” with purrs, head-butts, nose kisses and snugglies. Here is a candid shot of us enjoying a moment together on the couch, taken with the little built-in webcam on my new MacBook:

For something a little more festive, please visit this weekend's hosts Kate and Bustopher (and let's not forget Harmon who seems eager to take a nap). There's a great cat-and-human photo leading off the party.

4 thoughts on “Weekend Cat Blogging #86: Even when things get tough…

  1. I'm so sorry things aren't that great right now. I don't know the particulars, but I've had my diffucult moments, and sharing time with a furry budding is a good thing. Hang in there! Hugs. :):)

  2. thanks, sher and "kitty." been doing a little better this afternoon, and Luna has been giving plenty of kitty love to help.

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