Weekend Cat Blogging #92

For WCB 92 this weekend, we dig back into the archive. Here we see a seemingly erudite Luna catching up on some reading during a cold, rainy weekend back in February.

Metamagical Themas is quite a heavy tome for most humans, let alone cats. I suppose Luna is reminding me that I was going to post several more articles related to Hofstadter's writings. She also has a copy of the Yale alumni magazine and some modern furniture catalogs to keep her busy.

While we at CatSynth wax a little bookish, feats of athletics abound at whatdidyoueat, where Sundance and a rather fluffy Upsie do battle, all in good fun, of course. They also happen to be hosting this weekend. Go check out the other kitties in various states of activity, or lack thereof…

3 thoughts on “Weekend Cat Blogging #92

  1. Holy cow!!! I knew you and Luna were smart–but now I'm really impressed! 🙂 And Luna is gorgeous to boot! Wish my hair was as shiny as hers!

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