LBK finds a home!

Remember LBK, the “Little Black Kitty” from Nashville? Well, it looks like he found a home! From kitikata-san:

Little Black Kitty has a home! Little Black Kitty has a home! YAY! Little Black Kitty has a real name too! His name is Bruno! YAY! Bruno also has the lap of luxury that he deserves. Bruno's human likes to tap on his leg, and Bruno is more than happy to hop up on his lap to sit for hours to purr, to be petted and to nap. Bruno's lap of luxury is his favorite place to be.

We at CatSynth are happy to hear about Bruno finding such a nice home, something we wish for all our feline friends.

One thought on “LBK finds a home!

  1. 🙂 Hi Catsynth Luna, the boy kitty Bruno, who looks a lot like you, is doing very well. I went to visit him today, and he is healed up, fur is growing back, and he has the run of the house. Thank you so so much for your e-support during the time when Bruno was healing up and looking for a home. It was the extra boost that got Bruno through the tough time. Thank you and Meow!

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