Veterinary Forensics Pioneer Melinda Merck on NPR's FreshAir

I just heard an interesting interview on NPR's FreshAir with Dr Melnda Merck, who is a pioneer in the field of veterinary forensics. From the site

Melinda D. Merck, D.V.M., has been studying and investigating animal cruelty cases since beginning her practice in veterinary medicine. After graduating with her veterinary degree from Michigan State University in 1988, she opened The Cat Clinic of Roswell in June, 1990, in Roswell, Georgia. In addition to private practice, she worked on cruelty cases with local animal control agencies.

That's Roswell, Georgia, not Roswell, New Mexico, of UFO-sighting fame. The interview focuses on Dr. Merck's practice and her investigations of animal cruelty. Some of these stories are quite disturbing and distressing, nonetheless I recommend that those interested in the subject listening to the program here.

2 thoughts on “Veterinary Forensics Pioneer Melinda Merck on NPR's FreshAir

  1. Oh someone after my own heart. I shall take a listen, and once again become irate about cruelty. It is my passion for the Death Penalty to be imposed for animal abuse. Thanks for sharing.

    And heh.. I actually have BEEN to Roswell GA. Small world.

  2. Yes, stories about animal cruelty can make my blood boil, too. It's just hard to understand what makes someone want to do such a thing to a kitty or another animal. That's why I wanted to listen to the program and hear someone who has to deal with the tragic results.

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