CatSynth pic: Yamaha and others

Submitted by Richard:

Looks like the cat is playing an A-D-E cord (stacked 4ths/5ths).

UPDATE: Richard wrote in the comments that the organ is an old Yamaha D-85 from the early 1980s, the little keyboard on top is a Korg MS20, and the cat's name is Tuesday.

4 thoughts on “CatSynth pic: Yamaha and others

  1. It would be interesting to hear the music the kitty will play if it gets to run up and down the keyboard.

  2. You know it looks a bit like an organ keyboard at first glance. Haha, pretty lame I know. But when I first saw it that was what came to mind. Something maybe 70 or early 80's? Interesting to find out for sure.

    I just want a Vox … sigh… sending our purrs

  3. That's my cat "Tuesday" and the keyboard she's play Asus4 on is a silly analog Yamaha D-85 from 1980 with a Korg MS-20 on top. She uses the organ to climb up to her sleeping spot on top of my wardrobe and were I to leave it on one evening I'm fairly sure she'd come up with something "Jazzy". All cats love Jazz …

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