Weekend Cat Blogging #100: The Big One Hundred

Well, it's Weekend Cat Blogging #100. The honor of hosting this milestone goes to Puddy and Kate at A Byootiful Life.

Once again, we turn our attention to he world outside of Luna's window. Remember this photo of Luna staring at an outside cat?

Well, the cat is a frequent visitor to the yard. He's been living here longer than I have, and was roaming the neighborhood long before Luna was born. He's actually quite friendly, and handsome as well:

We don't know his name because he doesn't have a tag, but he seems very healthy and sociable, so he probably has a home. He enjoys cruising the tops of fences and finding comfy spots to chill out:

He almost looks like a wild cat in that photo.

Although I don't have a photo of this, I have caught him staring in at Luna a couple of times, with that same frozen slack-jawed look that all the tom cats in the neighborhood, seem to get. Remember this tuxedo visitor?

Luna has all the neighborhood boys looking. It's kinda fun getting to play the role of proud but protective dad for her…

4 thoughts on “Weekend Cat Blogging #100: The Big One Hundred

  1. Wow, Luna. You have lots of admirers. They sure know a pretty and classy gal when they see one. 🙂 Hugz and kisses.

  2. Dear Luna, you are so pretty, that I am not surprised that the tomcats come around to see you. At least your tomcat friends are handsome, and they obviously love you.

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