WCB100: TeaCup

A serious note to accompany Weekend Cat Blogging #100. TeaCup at “Bad Kitty Cats”, has been very ill. He suffered an unknown injury to his leg that became infected, and he has had several operations to remove the infected tissue. He has been very tired and weak, and is currently back in the hospital. We learned about TeaCup through Weekend Cat Blogging and we've been sending our thoughts to him and Megan, and hope other readers will do the same. Fellow WCB'ers Pet's Garden Blog are holding an art auction for TeaCup and Megan, and he is among the animals supported this week at the pet prayers and praise blog.

We at CatSynth hope that TeaCup gets well soon.

3 thoughts on “WCB100: TeaCup

  1. I hope Teacup gets well and can go home too. For some reason I wasn't able to leave a comment at his site. Get well sweet Teacup!

  2. Hi everyone and everykitty… thank you so much for sharing and thinking of TeaCup. It is over whelming the love and purrs and prayers. We are extremely behind on our thank you scritches – please forgive us. It's been a ceazy week. TeaCup will have more surgery Monday and hopefully all the infection will be removed by then. We had a server issue earlier and hope it's fixed for sure, so Sher please accept our heartfelt thank you as well.

    I just LOVE your kitty cats. They are so cool and gorgeous! Sending many purrs and hugs

    Megan and the Bad Kitty Cats

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