Weekend Cat Blogging #104: Come on out!

Even in a dimly lit room, you can always spot Luna by her eyes. Here she peeks out from among the glass tables (with a book of San Francisco photos in the foreground).

I'm sure she'll come out and say hi as we get ready to host Weekend Cat Blogging #104. As always, leave your links in the comments section or contact me if you prefer. Newcomers are always welcome.

I will post the round-up over the course of the weekend, so definitely come back a few times to see all the cats.

14 thoughts on “Weekend Cat Blogging #104: Come on out!

  1. Hi Amar and Luna, We are still having issues but are going to try and get something up! I fear I am just going to have a clean slate and save what I can! It's all ok.

    Sending you all our love and OH we missed it by 20 counts! When we get something up we will be back! Sending loves and purrs and scritches.

  2. Luna, you look so cute peeking out from the table. I can see your pretty eyes. Peek-a-boo!

  3. Such funny goings on over at our site!


  4. Hi Luna, its dark here too:

  5. Hi Amar and Luna,
    thanks for hosting this weekend.
    we are sharing or very fist pics momma maded of us at our gramladys place. [url=http://foodblog.paulchens.org/?p=914]http://foodblog.paulchens.org/?p=914[/url]

    Kashim & Othello

  6. Yes, thanks for hosting. Love those eyes! We have relatives visiting–so our post may be late!!! Well, it will be late! :):)

  7. Hi Luna! Here's our permalink. Sundance is trying to get out of prison.


  8. Luna, thanks for hosting this week's catblogging. Here's my entry:

    [url=http://catymology.blogspot.com/2007/06/catch-and-release.html]Catch and Release[/url].

  9. What lovely glowing eyes you have, Luna!

    Even when we're away from home, I know where [url=http://http://musicandcats.com/2007/06/feline-friday-home-where-my-thoughts-escaping/]Sasha will be[/url].

  10. Hi, Happy Weekend and thanks for hosting! China Cat & Willow sit in front of bags of Temptations hoping for some. Here's that link:

  11. Thanks for hosting this week's event!

    I love this picture of Luna!

    If you want to see Fridolin and Maruschka when they cuddle instead of fighting, then here's my link:


    Have a nice Sunday!


  12. Luna, you're so pretty! You look like a svelte version of our Wyatt…. who's holding down the window seat watching for the bunnies who come to visit.


  13. Looks like Luna's a laser cat, too! Thanks for hosting this weekend! Here's Kamikaze the Ballerina: [url=http://igot2shoes.blogspot.com/2007/06/wcb-104-ballet.html]http://igot2shoes.blogspot.com/2007/06/wcb-104-ballet.html[/url]

  14. Oooh every one looks so lovely this weekend! Great job on the round up Luna. [url=http://chatkatze.blogspot.com/2007/06/wcb.html]Sasha[/url] wants to join in the fun this weekend. Here's the link to our blog : [url=http://chatkatze.blogspot.com/]http://chatkatze.blogspot.com/[/url]

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