Weekend Cat Blogging #107: Peek-a-boo and Stray Cats

WCB 107 is being hosted this weekend at ScamperDude.com, where Scampy is playing both Rock Star and Super Hero.

Luna has some antics of her own, ratcheting things up in our regular hide-and-seek games:

I noticed that that Luna's eyes appear yellow instead of green in this an many other photos taken in the more earth-tone bedroom. Regular fans of Luna know that she has unusually green eyes for a black short-hair cat.

Her antics and affections have been quite welcome of late, it seems like a bit of a melancholy week despite the beginning of summer, and the brightness and warmth in abundance.

On a recent series of morning walks I saw several cats, most of whom were probably strays, like this rather thin character with a striking coat and photogenic appearance:

He/she was one of several cats taking up residence in the large vacant trying separating a large residential neighborhood (my neighborhood, actually), from a Safeway parking lot and strip mall. I hope they get enough to eat.

A few weeks ago, I stopped at the semi-annual rummage sale for one of the main local groups that helps stray cats in our community, Project Purr.

Picked up a few books while I was there, some summer reading. I was mildly tempted by a full set of “Left Behind” paperbacks, but thought better of it.

Also check out Friday Ark #144 (Saturday is the new Friday), and of course Carnival of the Cats.

7 thoughts on “Weekend Cat Blogging #107: Peek-a-boo and Stray Cats

  1. i had a [url=http://jellypizza.blogspot.com/2006/05/for-mojo-and-her-kittens.html]black kitty with yellow eyes[/url]…

    she was a stray and all skinny like your parking lot companion, when i swept her up and spirited her home for the next 15 years. maybe some kindhearted soul will do the same. [i am [b][i]not[/i][/b] suggesting you do same. merry never got along with the cats already at home, she was too wild and just tolerated their presence.]

    she always missed the outdoors and would take advantage of any lapse, no matter how minor, in door security to escape. fortunately she could be bribed back with a freshly "opened within her hearing" can of prime tuna.

    too bad i didn't live in a saner environment so she could have the best of both worlds. but she did spend most of her waking hours on a screened-in porch, guarding her world.

    i have a "grandkitty" named luna — she's a siamese who lives in decatur, georgia.

    what i wanna know — what kind of name is that for a cat??

    just kittying, it's a great name actually.

    see you around the cat blogs.

  2. What a beauty that (possibly) stray cat is! I love those markings. And I really admire the groups that devote their spare time to helping strays. Wish I had time to do that.

    Luna, sweetie, I wish I could change the color of my eyes so easily. Yours always look so beautiful!

  3. 🙂 whishing you and luna a wonderful weekend (or at least a relaxing sunday)

    It is good to know that there are a lot of people caring about cats that need our help all over the world. Not that it would be ever enough helping hands but every little helps.

    Momma is trying to support local cat help organisations and cat shelters as good as she can but always gets the feeling it's not enough though.
    She's too wek hearted reagarding this topic. We'd have lotsa sisfurs and brofurs around here if only this would be possible and if Othello'd accept other ctas but all he does with newcomers is hiss and spitt and growl and maybe even worse things. 🙁
    So we are left to support in other ways. But it breaks mommas heart every time she goes to a cat shelter …

  4. I hope you bought lots of stuff and Kitty Rumage sale made lots of money to help my homeless brothers and sisters. I was out on the street once, it was no fun. I was skinny, and had stomach worms at the same time, when I was on the streets.

  5. Hi, I'm hosting the Carnival of the Cats this weekend, just picked up your post as I'm putting it together. I just love that picture of Luna! She reminds me of my cat, Indigo. I'm also glad that Project Purrs is there to help the stray kitties. All four of ours are adopted as adults from shelters. Have you emailed Laurence at COTC about hosting? I know things have been hectic for him lately so it might take a while to hear back.

  6. Working in a cat hospital, I brought home strays the way other people bring home pens and post its from work. I am a sucker for a sob story.

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