CatSynth 1st Anniversary

Today we celebrate CatSynth's first anniversary.

It's been one year since we posted this photo on July 19, 2006:

The idea came from a friend who said something like “dude, you should do a website about cats and synths.” So I did. Really didn't have too much idea what I would write about. I quickly learned that there was quite an abundance of pictures of cats and synths, and sites like matrixsynth had been collecting such images for a while. Indeed, one of the first external “CatSynth pics” to be posted here was of matrix's own cat JD:

Sadly, we recently learned that JD passed away this month. We offer matrix our sympathies. It's always sad to hear about cat friends passing away (or human friends, for that matter), and we at CatSynth have seen our share this past year.

I expect to post more this evening reviewing the year with photos, not-so-useful stats and the other things we at CatSynth like to think we do well…

One thought on “CatSynth 1st Anniversary

  1. Thanks, I do miss JD. He was an awesome cat. He was very weak in the end, but on his last day I played some synths for him and he managed to do his routine walk around my studio brushing up against my synths and then kicking back to hear what I was playing. He would always do that when I played and he hadn't been doing it the last few days. It was almost as if he knew this was the last time. He was a good cat. One of my best friends ever. The one thing about pets that those without pets do not realize, is that a pet is and unconditionally loving friend. It's the one living thing that will never argue with you and never turn it's back on you. It makes you solid. It's the one thing you can look and know it thinks you are the best thing in the world. Sometimes that just feels good. When you lose a pet you lose one of the things that made you solid in this world. JD is sorely missed, but I am happy for the time we had together and I hope to see him on the other side, and… I am happy for the strength he gave me. I will never dishonor that.

    cheers and JD's hero,

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