Oto, Dreadbox Nymphes, Oxi, Chase Bliss, Death By Audio, Endorphin.es

Oto seems to be quite enjoying this little jam featuring the Dreadbox Nymphes, controlled by the Oxi sequencer and processed via the Endorphin.es Gost, Chase Bliss Mood, and Death by Audio Rooms.

From ooramusic via Instagram.

Ed, NLC Modules, Euclidean Circles, Make Noise

Edward (Ed) finds a cosy spot next to a large Eurorack modular system. We see a Euclidean Circles modules from vpme, several DIY-built modules from Nonlinear Circuits with the colorful knobs, a Make Noise Maths, and a Volts Platz from Frequency Central.

Submitted by Gareth aka PnP Modular via Instagram.

Infiltration has occurred…

Catcore Video

A short reel from mournfulleper on Instagram with cats

Satchel with Elektron, Qu-Bit, Arturia, Behringer

Satchel is excited about his setup which includes an Elektron Analog Rytm, a Behringer 305 module, a Qu-Bit Prism, and several other modules all housed in an Arturia RackBrute case.

From littlesynthbox via Instagram.

Intruder alert! ⚠️ Troublemaker detected in the studio! ⚠️

My boy Satchel is helping out with inspiration today πŸ‘ŒπŸŽΉπŸŽ΅πŸˆ