CatSynth Pic: Tuxedo Cat and Modular

A playful tuxedo cat with large modular system. A wide variety including Mutable Instruments, Bastl, Intellijel, Doepfer, Expert Sleepers, TipTop Audio, Pusherman and more.

From Christopher Atkins via Facebook.

Kitten and Yamaha Reface DX

Cute black kitten with a Yamaha Reface DX synthesizer. From Brian Magkasi via Facebook.

Synth requirements: deffo need to match your kitten

Rhodes Mark II and Yamaha Reface

In the purrfectly balanced picture, we have a tableau of cat, ukulele and Ableton Push MIDI controller above a beautiful Rhodes Mark II stage piano and two Yamaha Reface synthesizers. From robbiesko via Instagram.

Rewiring the 100 + cables at home to get things running more smoothly..rat’s nest be gone!! Hope y’all are doin well ✌🏼

Ah, the proverbial rat’s nest of cables. Something we have to take care of periodically here at CatSynth HQ as well. But I am most interested in that Rhodes.

Merce with Fuzz Box and Korg Mini Kaoss Pad

Our friend Merce the cat enjoys a nap on a fuzz box and Korg Mini Kaoss Pad. Via Merce’s Twitter feed.

Fuzz Box: Pillow and self

Merce looks very content, which of course makes us happy in turn. We love the retro lettering on that fuzz box. And we have a Mini Kaoss Pad although it hasn’t gotten as much love in recent years.

CatSynth Pic: Willow in the Studio

Meet Willow, who shares a studio with @puxflux in Portland, Oregon. They have been together for over 15 years, since Willow was a kitten, and clearly enjoy making music together.

Identification of the synths left as an exercise to the reader.

CatSynth Pic: Compression (Universal Audio)

Someone apparently cranked up the compression on both the mix and this cat using a Universal Audio system with Apollo interface. From Universal Audio’s Twitter, found by our friend and Twitter follower @GazouilleurFou.

Mix so dialed…even the cat compressed 😺

CatSynth Pic: Roland D-50

Beautiful calico cat atop a Roland D-50 synthesizer. From Yuri de Haer via Facebook.

The D-50 was Roland’s flagship and most popular synthesizer in 1980s. It employed so-called “linear arithmetic synthesis”, which combined sampled (PCM) transients with a variation on subtractive synthesis, including resonant low-pass filters. It also had a joystick. It remains a popular instrument for its pads and other characteristic sounds. Roland released a re-creation of it for their “Boutique” line, the D-05.

CatSynth Pic: Jojodakat and Samson MIDI controller

Jojodakat lounges with a Samson MIDI controller, getting ready for a solo synth jam. Submitted by Stephen Hammond via our Facebook page.

CatSynth Pic: Hydrasynth

Cute cat atop an ASM Hydrasynth. From Luke Chable via Facebook.

The Hydrasynth was one of the more exciting instruments to come out of at the start of this year, with three oscillators with a rich set of wavetable operations and a polyphonic-aftertouch keyboard. We featured it in our NAMM coverage on CatSynth TV.

Pixel in the Studio, with Moog and Korg

Pixel returns, this time holding court in her studio. We see two Moog synthesizers, a collection of Korg Volcas, another keyboard, and more. Submitted by @DJLahbug via Twitter.

Pixel says hello from her studio!!!

Note that this is her studio.