Sometimes life takes a major unexpected turn.

Well, friends, this is one of those times. My official association with E-MU Systems is coming to an end. Basically, it appears that our parent company Creative Technology Ltd. has some serious plans for E-MU, and those plans do not include my continuing to work there. So 4 1/2 years of leading the group responsible for award-winning products such as Emulator X2 (winner of the coveted mipa Award) and bringing E-MU to the Mac OSX platform, and six years with the larger organization, comes to a quiet and somewhat undignified conclusion.

Manager, E-MU Software Engineering, March 2003 – July 2007.

It is sad to leave behind friends with the local group, and I do worry a bit for those who remain behind. I am actually looking forward to some of the opportunities ahead for myself. Rather than jump right back into the job market, I think this is a good time to reflect and consider some ideas more ambitious or rewarding than a simple paycheck. Though I do suspect I'll start missing that in a month or so.

For now, things should pretty much go ahead as normal for those of us at CatSynth HQ. And of course this site continues as well. I have been planning to do more weekly features like Weekend Cat Blogging and the CatSynth Channel podcasts, including a weekly CD or film review. I may start a weekly feature on being unemployed as well…for as long it lasts.

3 thoughts on “Sometimes life takes a major unexpected turn.

  1. Amar, very sad to hear the news. I hope you succeed in doing what you want. Sometimes being happy but with a lower paycheck is better.

    I'm sure Luna will be with you. She'll love having her daddy home.

    Take care. Meow.

  2. hearing that news just made me feel awful, echoing kitty's sentiments.

    you sound as though you are taking it with a certain amount of native equipoise, which i wouldn't have.

    but then again, you have a gift & an education, so enjoy this time.

    i'm sure luna will be happy to be your whistling teakettle when the chizburger supply runs low. [now that would make some interesting music — isn't there a teakettle in [i]Quadrophenia[/i]?]

    take care…ws

  3. Sorry to hear that.

    I am looking for people to give me ideas about building
    synthesizer or other music instruments from existing old pc's an old/free software. More like a kind of integration work. I hate to see all yesterday's tech geting in landfils. I am starting to believe that this rediculous unecessary need for superfast supercomputers to make electronic music…….is becoming nonsense. Ohh well later…..

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