Weekend Cat Blogging #112 and Chaos #3: Unemployment Lifestyle

We at CatSynth are still getting used to this whole unemployment thing. For me, this is a very novel experience, not having work. However, there is a lot that cats can teach us about not working:

Our friends Kashim and Othello have a “mess” theme for the Bad Kitty Cat Festival of Chaos, and we have a recent pic that sums up both messiness and idleness:

I leave laundry on the floor, and Luna takes a nap on it. A little guilty non-working pleasure for both of us.

On more serious note our friends at the Bad Kitty Cats are dealing with more difficulties, as Braum has fallen ill and Zed Monster had an accident that severely injured his tail. We hope they both make a full recovery.

Of course, there is more feline fun with a Simpsons theme, D'oh!, at The Weekend Cat Blogging #112 roundup with Kate and Puddy. (I'm always struck how similar Puddy and Luna look.) And also check out Friday Ark , where we are late as always, and Carnival of the Cats at This, That and the Other thing. I think that's it for now.

3 thoughts on “Weekend Cat Blogging #112 and Chaos #3: Unemployment Lifestyle

  1. Amar, although you are having a very hard time right now, dealing with unemployment and all, you still manage to think about other people and kitties. You have one huge heart. Thank you for being so caring.

    Wish things will get better for you very soon. Big huggles.

  2. wow, luna –

    you have a heavy burden facing you, making sure yur peeps keeps the larder full.

    don't worry, i'll share what i've got stashed away [chizburgers!], even though yur pop thanks it's only schtick. let's not tell him about the pepsi, pepsi, pepsi! [we're all new yorkers tonight.]

    my mom was listening to the Skronkathon mewsic and she had this paradoxical experience…the sound had an abundance of electronic tones, but elicited feelings of well-being as though she were in the woods surrounded by nature! [gotta love the ducks.]

    cool, huh?

    thanks for dropping by this weekend, too.

    g'night now.


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