Chaos Festival: "Aquatic" Luna

We couldn't let this week's theme for the Bad Kitty Cat Chaos Festival (hosted by Kashim and Othello) go unanswered. The theme is “water or rain.” Did somebody say “Aquatic”?

Indeed, the CD does have an underlying water theme, and can be very relaxing to listen to, according to many who have either purchased or downloaded it. Although several of the order pieces had an aquatic sound to them (e.g., “Proportional Fish”), the idea to use it as a unifying element was largely inspired by living here by the ocean…

Of course, all this talk about water makes us at CatSynth quite thirsty:

One thought on “Chaos Festival: "Aquatic" Luna

  1. Luna, don't worry – nobody will take your blue towel away from you. It's yours! And keep drinking, don't want you to get dehyrdrated. You're such a pretty kitty. Hugs. 🙂

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