Woodstockhausen 2007 Cancelled

Weather is always a risk with an outdoor event, and so it is with Woodstockhausen 2007. As suggested earlier, we are having some unusually bad rain, which affected both the stage as well as the roads in the Santa Cruz mountains, so the event had to be cancelled.

At this point, I haven't heard any plans to reschedule…

2 thoughts on “Woodstockhausen 2007 Cancelled

  1. Sorry Amar, that sux! Weather can really put a damper on things – literally. I guess, if they're not going to reschedule this year, they'll have one next year.

  2. how disappointing, and not just for you. i was really looking forward to an a/v "report" upon your return home.

    scritches and tickly tummy for luna! i bet she enjoyed having you home. was she praying or chanting for rain?


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