Halloween Weekend Cat Blogging Round-up

Well, it's time for the big Halloween Weekend Cat Blogging Round-up. We're celebrating black cats this weekend (of course, we do that every weekend here at CatSynth). But we welcome all cats and cat-lovers for the Halloween festivities. Indeed, we open with a holiday graphic from our British-shorthair-tabby friends Kashim and Othello:

They also have a video this weekend. Check it out.

Across the Pacific (aka, the “other pond”) in Malaysia, we have a black kitten standing proudly among its ginger siblings at Of course, no celebration of black cats would be complete without a visit to the House of Mostly Black Cats. This portrait of Boni Maroni (left) is certainly appropriate for today, but we also think it would be great for their Peace Globe, which they are preparing for the next Peace Globes blog event on November 7. We'll be there, too!

We also have black-cat laser eyes at Sleeping Mommy, along with Sara Blue, who was recently found and rescued. Sounds like she is adjusting to her new home. Just watch out for those laser eyes.

Sadly, homeless kitties abound, and at Very SEDAP!!! they are doing their best to help some wary homeless kittens in their neighborhood. More spooky laser eyes give way to a family of kittens learning to trust humans.

With so many homeless kittens and rescues this weekend, we think this is a good time to pause and think about all the pets and homeless animals affected by the wildfires in southern California this week. As things appear to be calming down, we continue to hope for the best.

Boo wishes everyone a Happy Halloween with his own festive graphics at Manx Mnews. A mixture of traditional Halloween black-and-orange, cats, and modernist texture (can't resist a moment to dip into art-critic mode). Nicely done.

Meanwhile, Upsie and sher get into the holiday spirit by featuring Sydney the Spider. Fine dining, spider-style, brings new meaning to the title What Did You Eat?.

And for our Halloween celebration of black cats, Stasia cedes the spotlight to Petee at Zazen in the Moonlight. Sounds like the little guy has had a tough life, but it sounds like he has a nice loving home now.

A beautiful black cat can be a princess. But over at Life from a Cat's Perspective, Samantha wishes her mom wasn't quite so literal about it. Don't worry, Halloween will be over soon enough…

Izzy may be exonerated, but it seems like trouble abounds at Mind of Mog. Seems like an episode tailor-made for the Bad Kitty Cat Festival.

Meanwhile, our friend Kitikata-san is dealing with some unwelcome scents in the form of CJ (right) and another “scardee cat.” And she didn't get to partake in the smoked chicken. Hope she gets some Halloween treats as consolation…

Over at A Byootiful Life, we find one of our favorite “Luna look-a-likes” Puddy is trying to get out. Hopefully getting to hang out with all your WCB friends and celebrating black kitties is reason enough for Puddy to stay inside with us.

Meanwhile, the cats at Rosa's Yummy Yums are looking bored, in a tragically hip sort of way. Now we look this way. Now we look that way. What else is there to life?

No…really…what else is there?

More black cats this weekend! Big black Kamikazee is ready for the holidays. He wishes everyone a Happy Halloween at I Got Two Shoes.

The folks at Music and Cats invite you to guess “what part of the (black) cat is this?”

Over at cuisine guylaine, we are treated to un petit tour dans le jardin! and more.

We at CatSynth join our fellow weekend cat bloggers in offering our thoughts to Miss Peach, who is seriously ill, and her family.

WCB Apocrypha. Andrée of Meeyauw has begun Sunday lectionary readings from the LOLCat Bible. Daisy has a Sunday comic reminding us not to judge others by their skin (or lack thereof). Megan at the Bad Kitty Cats Journal reflects on kitty cats, children, and memories after a difficult year.

Other Weekend Cat Events. Friday Ark #162 is at the modulator. The Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos is at Live from a Cat's Perspective with Samantha and Tigger. And Carnival of the Cats is going to Missy Blue Eyes' and KC's on Sunday. (And we're hosting the Carnival right here at CatSynth next Sunday).

12 thoughts on “Halloween Weekend Cat Blogging Round-up

  1. hahaha you grabbed the orange grapic and it fits perfectly into your halloweeny styled bloggie!!
    Luna looks so lovely in this first pic with the pumkins 😉
    sending love and hugs and many many kissies

  2. Oh my are we too late? Here is our submission to this weeks Weekend Cat Blogging?
    Here I am as a Princess in my Halloween Costume? I don't look very scary though. Samantha

  3. Love the halloween styled blog. I have a post or two [url=http://mindofmog.net/archives/2007/10/27/exonerated/]Izzy side view[/url] [url=http://iinfidel.com/2007/10/25/full-frontal-izzy/]front view[/url] He's not exactly black thou.

  4. Hi Luna, can you add me to your WCB list? I got a "beef" with my people. Come and find out! [url=http://kitikata.blogspot.com]http://kitikata.blogspot.com[/url]

  5. Hi Luna! Thanks for hosting this weekend! Puddy's a lovely black kitty too and she's wanting OUT but it was too dark to let her out! Hopefully she'll stop being grumpy when she sees that WCB is celebrating black kitties! Our linkie is here:

    Thanks and we're looking forward to the Round-Up!

  6. Hi! Happy Halloween! Here's a big black Kamikaze cat all ready for the holiday! [url=http://igot2shoes.blogspot.com/2007/10/wcb-125-happy-halloween.html]http://igot2shoes.blogspot.com/2007/10/wcb-125-happy-halloween.html[/url] Thank you for hosting!

  7. Luna, as always, is regal and dignified. Excellent photograph.

    I've begun a Sunday lectionary reading from the LOLCat Bible. I'm running it every Sunday. Unfortunately, only parts of the Bible have been translated but hopefully more will join the project.

    You can find this week's readings [url=http://meeyauw.blogspot.com/2007/10/lolcat-bible-lectionary-readings-for_28.html]here.[/url]

    I don't know if you would like to add it to your list (I know many people would find it offensive!).

  8. Luna looks so lovely and serene with that cute little squash! Thanks for hosting WCB this week!

    Do you know what part of a black cat [url=http://musicandcats.com/2007/10/feline-friday-what-part-of-the-cat-is-this/]this is[/url]?

  9. Very cute – I had a black cat for about 9 years and we were so close, and I had to leave for about 3 months and the cat-sitter that I had watching her inadvertently let her escape from the house. My cat was so stressed from being in a new environment and me being gone. I miss her so much! I have a dog now, but I really would like to get a cat again – thanks for great pictures!

  10. Il est très beau ton chat, voici ma participation un peu tardive :
    Merci à toi, bises !

  11. thank you so much for the shout-out. I have gotten this week's readings out earlier than usual so that we can prepare for Sunday properly.

    I'm sorry I have not visited you this week. And thank you for your comments this week. I have been sick. Working, but sick, so I come home and go to bed. Not fun. But I am a lot better and am beginning to blog again. And visit folks.


    is this weekend's URL. I need a new photo for this weekly post, tho. Some sort of holy cat.

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