Weekend Cat Blogging #125: The Halloween Edition

Luna and I welcome everyone to Weekend Cat Blogging, Halloween Edition. We are happy to be hosting this event.

This is difficult time for cats, especially black cats. In North America (U.S. and Canada), some continue to view cats as “bad luck”, such as in this article, which fuels neglect and sometimes abuse which can spike around Halloween.

Many shelters continue to suspend adoptions of black cats around Halloween (sometimes for all of October). And while this is to protect them, it is unfortunate because black cats already have a harder time getting adopted.

So we at CatSynth want to celebrate black cats this weekend. Black is beautiful!

We invite all our feline friends to participate, but we want to especially welcome black cats. Households with multiple cats are encouraged to let their black siblings enjoy the spotlight this weekend.

To participate, regardless of fur color, please leave us a comment, or contact us. We will be posting the big round-up later this weekend.

And don't forget the other Weekend Cat Events ™. Friday Ark #162 is at the modulator. The Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos is at Live from a Cat's Perspective with Samantha and Tigger. And Carnival of the Cats is going to Missy Blue Eyes' and KC's on Sunday.

8 thoughts on “Weekend Cat Blogging #125: The Halloween Edition

  1. I hadn't given that any thought. This is my first time to participate and while I had thought to participate this weekend with my post about Sara Blue [url=http://sleepingmommy.com/?p=395]Sara Blue [/url] but I may have to take some time to include another post with our big tuxedo Mickey this weekend.

    I just don't understand why black kitties are neglected in the adoption lines. They are so very beautiful too.

  2. Hi Amar and Luna,

    Thank you for hosting this weekend and for the very nice theme!
    Momma says black kitties are very beautiful acause they have very shiny furs and so beautiful eyes. We can't understand why they are not adopted or have hard times being adopted. Beans are weird!

    anyway this is our linkie : [url=http://foodblog.paulchens.org/?p=1058]http://foodblog.paulchens.org/?p=1058[/url]

    many headbutts and purrs to you both
    Kashim & Othello

  3. Luna, yore purrfect to do the Halloween WCB!
    It's weird people fink so bad of black cats. We are furry purrty and nice! In fact, [url=http://catsnmom.blogspot.com/2007/10/hmmmms.html]our post is bout our Peace Globes this week[/url]. Come see! Maybe yall can help us wif a dilemma.
    Fanks for hostin WCB!
    Sanjee, Boni Maroni, Mini, Gree and Pepi – the Mostly BLACK Cats

  4. Luna, can you menshun too, that we needs a WCB host fur WCB #133 on Dec 22-23? We's picked up the Thanksgivin one that we needed a host fur (but if somecat else wants it that's ok, we'll let them do it), but cuz of Mommy's work we can't do the Chrissymouse one in Deecember. Fanks!

  5. Stasia and Petee are here to say thanks for hosting and Happy Halloween!

    [url=http://zazamataz.com/?p=844]Stasia and Petee[/url]

  6. Happy Halloween.. we have ginger and black kittens this weekend.


  7. Happy Halloween! I've had many black cats in the past and they hold a very special place in my heart. Luna-I'm so glad you and Amar are hosting. And thanks for posting that info on black cats! Here's our permalink for this weekend:


  8. I love black cats, they are very special and beautiful. At the shelter my Mommie volunteers at, they also do not adopt out black cats until after Halloween. It is for the cats' protection, but it is very sad that this is necessary.

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