21 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Rethink your images of the Bronx

  1. Amazing frame-out of the first pics. Thanks for sharing! Happy WW!


  2. Wow beautiful pictures! When I think of the Bronx, I picture Yankee Stadium (which I love and can't wait to visit next year). Thanks for showing me more of what the Bronx has to offer.

  3. I am re-thinking! My son visited the Botanical Gardens there (gee, I hope it was there) this year and sent me photos. I only know what I see in the movies. But now, from blogs.

  4. These photos were from [url=http://www.wavehill.org/home/]Wave Hill[/url], a famous estate in the Riverdale section of the Bronx, that is now a public garden and cultural center run by the city. The first two photos are from the gardens, the last was an exhibit at the gallery.

  5. Responding to a couple of previous comments. Wave Hill overlooks the Hudson River and Palisades. You can get there by Metro-North (Riverdale station) or by subway (#1 to 231st Street and the Bx7 or Bx10 bus or #A to 207th street and the Bx7 bus). And another comment asked about all the poles in the last pic. These are from one of the two "emerging artist" exhibitions in our gallery, this one by Jeff Feddersen called "ForestBot". This is a kinetic, acoustic installation featuring a group of five robotic sculptures made of wood, metal, fiberglass, rattles, motors and custom electronics. Tall, gently swaying stalks (the poles you see in the pic) support small rattles at their tips ansd counter-weighted mechanisms at the ground. It's pretty interesting and fun. Hope you'll visit!

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