Alia jacta est: the new CatSynth HQ

Well, we at CatSynth can finally say with confidence we have a new home. In just over a week, we are moving to the South of Market (SOMA) district of San Francisco. Expect to read more about our new neighborhood in coming weeks.

This will be a real “city life,” quite different from the last few years. Perhaps we will get to “live the bohemian life” like our friends Kashim, Othello and Astrid. Of course there are the many arts and music opportunities, lots of good food and drink, and friends only a few transit stops away. And I enjoy just walking down city blocks, like I often have in New York. Indeed, I have often thought about making the move to the city. And now it is happening. The experience to get there has been far more difficult and challenging than I imagined, and it's not over yet. But it is getting closer…

4 thoughts on “Alia jacta est: the new CatSynth HQ

  1. I see one of your tags is "worthless kitty": be warned: when I mentioned in a post that my beloved Buddy is now, in the winter, a worthless mouser (he's too warm and cozy in the house to do much hunting in the zero degree garage), I caught all kinds of flak from commenters! But I don't see any kitty, worthless or not, here! I'm thinking you will have zillions of photo opportunities in that beautiful city. And I just realized: my last comment and this are both "warnings": like a mom. I am SO sorry for that. It's a real bad habit.

  2. "Worthless Kitty" was the name of an old failed blog, and I started posting "Worthless Kitty redux" posts early on in CatSynth, mainly for articles that are exclusively personal, rants, etc. The reasons behind it are obscure, but never referred to an actual cat.

    Point taken, though. Perhaps I will simply change the label to "personal".

  3. Hey Amar and Luna.

    still no innernets here so just a quick peek to whish you all the best for your moving and your new home! We hope you'll love it!!
    San Francisco oooooh momma is sooo jealous she always wanted to visit this city…

    purrrs and headbutts and all the best wishes
    Kashim & Othello and of course momma Astrid

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