Weekend Cat Blogging and more: The Storm

California was hit by a nasty set of winter storms this weekend, and our soon-to-be-former home in
Santa Cruz was certainly in the middle of that:

Spectacular white-capped waves, heavy rains and high-powered winds battered Santa Cruz County on Friday causing clogged roads, sending trees and power lines into houses and buildings and flooding area roads..

Even from our window, it was obvious this wasn't an ordinary winter storm:

Even more than the rain, the real problem was the wind, well over 60MPH at times. And with wind comes power outages:

There were 46,010 PG&E customers without electricity in Santa Cruz County as of Friday afternoon, said company spokesman Jeff Smith.

We were among those customers, with power out until well into the evening. No lights, no heat, no internet or radio, and only a small amount of phone service. Perfect time for some extra long afternoon naps:

Luna has recently found this black pillow and made it her own.

At some point in the afternoon, I decided to try going out, maybe find a cafe with some electricity, warm drinks, and internet service. But it seemed that the entire town was without power, and most businesses were shuttered. This is what a hurricane must feel like as the storm approaches. A bit disappointed, I returned to the cold, dark house, for at least the warmth of a blanket and “kitty love.”

As afternoon turns to evening, the lack of light becomes more of a problem for humans. But for cats, who have excellent night vision, activities can continue largely uninterrupted:

Indeed, Luna was quite active in the early evening as darkness settled in.

Fortunately for us humans, power was restored to some parts of town by early evening, and I was finally able to go find a cafe for warm drinks and internet service (and to recharge the all important cell phone). The chatter of others and bustle of activity was quite welcome, indeed. But still no power at our house; our block was frustratingly dark even as others started to light up. I was able to spend some time and enjoy a warm meal at a the home of a friend whose power had returned, and by around 9 or 10PM our power was finally back on. As I returned to the house, I could see Luna's face peering out the window, with light in the background…

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8 thoughts on “Weekend Cat Blogging and more: The Storm

  1. I heard of those storms too. Actually, I'm paying a lot of attention to your storms on the west coast because this year each one has brought us lots of great snow. But not now: this week we will be having such a big melt that weather advisories are posted for ice jams on the rivers. But I'm glad you are OK: 60mph winds are dangerous.

  2. I saw it here in Belgium at TV ! It must have been horrible being without electricity is terrible especially in winter. There were certainly a lot of damages too. Fortunately Luna wasn't afraid, my cats don't like when it is stormy here (not as much as you have) and they hate thunderstorms too ! With the fireworks on New Years Eve they were all hidden under beds and wardrobes, lol !

  3. It's times like these when it's storming that we should all remember how lucky we are to have a roof over our heads! Hopefully the power is restored quickly and doesn't go out again – and Luna, be nice when it's dark because your humans can't see very well in the dark, even if you can! 😀 Thanks for participating in this weekend's edition of WCB!

  4. Glad you got your power back and were ok! The folks over at Cat Banter are still waiting to get their back. 🙁
    Thanks for joining CotC this week!
    Robyn & Mini

  5. We are so glad you all were back in power quickly. Yes, during hurricanes approaching, you make sure nothing is in the way of cuddling up and waiting out the storms. Luna has the right idea – pillow naps! glad you all are ok. Sending loves and purrs and scritches and headbumps!

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