A few photos from recent shows

Some photos from our Polly Moller and Company shows earlier this month. The first is from the Luggage Store Gallery:

This was our “trio format”, with myself, Polly and Bill Wolter on guitar.

There is always an art exhibition going on at Luggage Store, something that I generally welcome during music performances, as long as it is not in the way. There was an eclectic mix of works on display that evening (isn't there always?), and I particular liked this piece:

Next, we have a couple of photos from 1510 8th Street in Oakland:

These photos are from Les Hutchins, who played an electronic duo with Matt Davignon in the opening set.

I need a haircut.

3 thoughts on “A few photos from recent shows

  1. Thanks for sharing some pics of the band.

    Hmmm. That big black kitty on 'Upholstery' board looks a bit like luna. 😉

  2. I was clicking madly on the photos thinking i could see them "big size" but they don't click! but i got a good look at you at Polly's site. Hair there seems great! keep growing it.

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