Weekend Cat Blogging: The Move-in

Well, it's now been a week since the big move to San Francisco.

Luna arrived last Sunday, after a spending a few days safely away from the commotion in the care of the folks at Kitty Hill Resort for Cats in Santa Cruz. It was a great place to board her, with nice large quiet rooms. But it's not home.

The trip up was difficult. And Luna was of course frightened the first evening, mostly hiding behind boxes. But eventually she ventured out to explore, and found some new interesting places:

Here she looks out from several of our balconies that overlook the cavernous main space below:

Yes, we still have quite a bit of work to do here to get set up. But that hasn't stopped Luna from claiming this comfy rocking chair in the loft as her new favorite spot:

When I come upstairs, there is a decent chance I will find her sitting there, or napping. With some effort, I have managed to convince her to share it. Indeed, we are both enjoying the chair right now.

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7 thoughts on “Weekend Cat Blogging: The Move-in

  1. fantaastic!

    welcome home, luna. you'll be confidently back in charge in no time at all.

    [don't listen to this next part, luna]

    i think it's good sometimes to gently shake up a kitty's routine. they get a little more flexible, maybe eventually arriving at those blissfull feline states of mind known as "whatever samadhi" or the hipster "cool cat."

    pretty soon luna will be purring in sweet harmony with tony bennett crooning [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I_Left_My_Heart_in_San_Francisco][i]i left my heart in san francisco.[/i][/url]

    thanks for the update, amar.


  2. I'm thrilled the two of you have arrived safely and have begun the process of making a new home. Good luck in a new city.

    And Luna will be fine once she realizes she's in control of a new pad. What's important is that you remember who's in charge: She is!

  3. I am glad that Luna made it just fine with "HER CHAIR!" lol. Don't you humans know that when a cat sees a chair they like, it belongs to the cat? There is only one fluffy chair in my house, and it belongs to me, the cat.

  4. After reading your pet foreclosure post, this was a welcome post. Thank god our animals are loved and cared for. It looks beautiful here, and she is settling in. I hope you are getting your rest.

  5. Glad you got moved safe Luna and Amar. Have fun exploring the new place Luna. Lots of BOXES too. Fun!
    your bud Pepi

  6. Yep, looks like Luna is adjusting well. That chair is hers. Must have her name somewhere. She looks so comfy in it.

    I also have a feeling she'll find more places that'll have her name on them.

    Thanks for the update, Amar. 🙂

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