Aquatic at Amazon

Well, it looks like my album Aquatic is available at Amazon. Or rather, via Amazon's MP3 download service. Amazon provides music for sale as straight MP3, with no DRM (Digital Rights Management) so that you can play them anywhere (and also copy them). Previously, the only way to get this and many other albums as DRM-free MP3s was to subscribe to a service like eMusic, or just steal them.

I did also notice that the album appears in Amazon Marketplace – in fact, a store in Santa Cruz is offering a used copy. That is itself a milestone, to find your own album in a used bin. That means someone who had a copy gave it up. Hopefully it's not because he or she disliked it. Indeed, I would prefer that they ripped it and continue to enjoy it (DRM-free, of course). It's not because I want people to steal music, but it is worth more to me just to know that people are listening…

Which brings us back to Amazon. I'm not expecting to sell a lot here, but it's great forum for feedback and comments, so I encourage anyone who has the album or individual tracks, legal or otherwise, to write a comment or review…

3 thoughts on “Aquatic at Amazon

  1. Wonderful! Luna must be very proud of you. Big congratulations. I've heard your songs, and they're great! 🙂

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