23 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: An exercise in contrasts

  1. That is a contrast, yes!!! We had LOTS of the poppies this March here in the desert – but unfortunately we have some of those metal towers too…..

  2. I gotta agree with everyone here – beauty and the beast. Another contrast is looking down and looking up. Also the poppy is more round and the tower is pretty much all angles.

    These twoe pictures offer a lot of different perspectives.

    Happy WW!

  3. [url=http://teczcape.blogspot.com/2008/04/one-pot-rice-with-chicken-and-shitake.html]WW entry[/url]

    I prefer the flower. Metal structures somehow relates to industrialization and can't appeal to me. I like nature!

  4. These photos were both taken along the same trail in a park just outside San Francisco. Definitely within 1/2 mile of each other.

  5. That certainly is a big contrast. Are the California poppies blooming now? I know a place on our island where some California poppies were planted, but I have not seen them recently.


  6. hey 🙂
    thanks a lot for visiting my blog and leaving a comment! Although I couldn't update my blog for a longer time I was really glad to get at least some attention 😉

    I like your WW a lot – it shows that something little can be as important as something huge!

    Have a great week!

  7. All things big and beautiful
    All things small and wonderful…..

    In how ever much we love Nature , we wouldn't be blogging without the man made wonders !!

    We must respect both 🙂

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