33 thoughts on “WW: Luna inspects the equipment

  1. This is the rig for the [url=http://www.ptank.com/catsynth/index.php?entry=entry080504-115055]upcoming concert[/url]. Luna comes by to watch quite a bit.

  2. And what is her favorite song ? "Its a Black Magic woman"? 😉

    Luna seems very diligent about her work , though! 🙂

  3. The ever curious cat! That is, until they get old like one of mine, then they're just the ever demanding! Have a great day!

  4. We had a cat that used to chew through cords. You may be happy to know that somehow he lived a long kitty life.

    But I am sure Luna is a good girl (and a smart one too!)

  5. That's some nice equiptment to inspect. And per the question you left on my ww. That is Ivy Lawn Cemetary in the city of Ventura, right off the 101 fwy…

  6. Holy Crap!!!!!!!!!!

    Luna, you are lucky to get so close to all that equipment. The MusicMan over here has his put in a room that we don't get into too much. He has three guitars in the livingroom and that's as close as we get. He bought a Mac with hopes off making music with it all the time but he doesn't have it set up. Hard to do that with wee ones running around!

    We'll have to show him your gear when he gets home. I bet he'll throw up. Hee Hee!

    His main obsession is music. The PM wishes it were her but to no avail. Ha Ha.

    Sounds like a cool place to live. Lucky kitties.

    Thanks for dropping by!

  7. Yoo got cool stoodio stuff too! I hang out in my Daddy's stoodio too. He plays with noises he puts on the radio. He recorded my meows for my Voki too. Thanks for visiting my bloggie.

  8. Interesting angle. My cats are so small compared to Luna. They would not be so polite. Tara Grace in particular loves to stomp on keyboards. She would undoubtedly try her paw at composing too.

  9. Keyboard? Check. Laptop? Check. Synthesizer? Check. Extension chord? Check. Performer?…. Performer? …. Daddy???!!!

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