Weekend Cat Blogging: Outside!

We have been having a gorgeous week here in San Francisco. September is our real “summer” season, the warmest, clearest and driest month of the year.

Luna is an indoor cat, but today she was given a special opportunity to venture outside. It all begins with an open door:

All these new sounds and smells from the open portal pique her curiosity. Of course, they’re not entirely new, as she has experienced them through open windows. But this is different, and even a bit scary.

But curiosity wins out, and Luna steps over the threshold into this strange world.

Tentatively at first, she begins to stroll out onto the patio, taking in all the new sights, sounds, smells and textures.

Just as with our indoor habit, Luna’s natural beauty shines outdoors as well, against the plants and artwork.

The way she strolls about seems even more “panther-like” than usual.

Of course, this excursion only lasted a few minutes, as Luna made a hasty retreat indoors for a “shelter within a shelter.”

We are fortunate to have a large private patio with high walls here at CatSynth HQ, an usual feature in this section of the city. Part of the motivation for this outing is simply to share the experience of a sunny day on the patio with Luna, but also to give her a chance to become familiar with it, less frightened and more confident, in case she does get out accidentally; and to let her see how easy it is to find the door and come back inside. The walls are probably too high for her to scale, but one should never underestimate the athletic abilities of cats. I would not allow her out on her own. And I am sure some will question with wisdom of letting her out at all.

Nonetheless, it is a reminder that in life we do sometimes need to venture out and take risks. Not stupid, reckless ones, but at least some. Certainly, our move her was one such move, but it was worth it. And perhaps it is time to start taking more…

We at CatSynth are also thinking about our human and animal friends along the Gulf Coast, Cuba, and the Caribbean, whose weather will be anything but clear and sunny in the next few days and who may be facing evacuation exactly three years after Hurricane Katrina. Stay safe and dry, friends.

Puddy is definitely more confident outdoors than Luna, but this weekend they had even more in common than usual strolling on their respective patios. Puddy and Katie host Weekend Cat Blogging at A Byootaful Life.

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8 thoughts on “Weekend Cat Blogging: Outside!

  1. LB is that way when he is “allowed” on the porch under very close supervision. He scrams back into the house at first opportunity and hides in his safe place.

  2. Oh Luna, you are so brave to go out there. You did great! I choose not to go out because the last time I was outside, it was when the humans rescued me. It was freezing -12 degrees, and I was almost dead when they found me under a bush. I don’t ever want to go out in that ever again.

  3. What a tickle to see these photos. I can’t decide who is braver — the kitty or her pop.

    Hmmm, it’s a tie!

    I like the mural and the plants, very Mediterranean. Oh Luna, how about some tasty Italian tonno, linguine e arugula, for lunch on the patio? I think I know the perfect recipe. I bet Sher would approve, too, if you had a few nibbles. Salute!

    Thanks for sharing these.

  4. I think you have made a good decision to accquaint Luna with the great outdoors. You are right in that it will help her orientate herself if she ever gets out by accident. She does look like she is enjoying her little outing too!

  5. Aww i like your cats, she is very sweet. My friends are thinking of getting 2 kittens who live in the flat near me. They both have had cats, but not sure if its ideal for them on the second floor to have cats. Apparently the two cats they are getting are being house trained, and were left at a cattery with thier mother cat when the original owner went on holiday. They have never come back for them.

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