Giving a homeless cat a home

From It’s all good, the story of a homeless cat finding a home.

That was 1995, and now Kelly is celebrating his 13th Gotcha Day.

This was just such a positive story and video, we at CatSynth wanted to share it. If you enjoyed it, too, please go wish Kelly and his family well.

7 thoughts on “Giving a homeless cat a home

  1. That is just beautiful and rewarding, thanks a lot for the video. I personally am more of a dog person, but I had adopted 4 cats in the past.
    I would like to encourage people to adopt cats rather then encourage breeders…because a lot of cats are abandoned.
    Great Video!

  2. Cat’s are just the best. We’ve taken in many over the years, and we’ve loved each one of them dearly. Let’s all keep up the good work.

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