Midnight Monday: Black Cat in a Window

No, this isn’t Luna. But this black cat does bare a remarkable resemblance to her. He even has greenish eyes, though he is a little bigger.

I saw him through a window while out for a walk yesterday in the nearby South Beach neighborhood. He did come up to greet me, and let me know that this was his window.

I like to think that encountering a black cat is good luck.

8 thoughts on “Midnight Monday: Black Cat in a Window

  1. Cute kitty. Reminds me of the song ‘How much is that doggy in the window’… except it’s ‘how much is that kitty in the window’. 😉

  2. that is a good looking House Panther. i have a feeling he’ll be back for the window and the pets!

    my beans agree with you about black cats. they got married Sept 2003 and didn’t find me until Nov 2004. mommy said i’m what made them a “family” and our house a home.

    i’m sure Luna agrees. thanks for your nice comment. i am feeling much better and enjoying my foods again!

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