The Miracle Cats that survived a wildfire

I had planned to post the story of Adam and Abe, the cats that survived a wildfire for Thanksgiving after reading their story on Monday. That was before more of the world started burning – some of the fires are natural, some human-made, and all are tragic. But perhaps this story is still appropriate, to know that these beautiful and much-loved black cats both survived the terrible wildfires in southern California and that small joys are always possible.

4 thoughts on “The Miracle Cats that survived a wildfire

  1. It is a bizarre coincidence that last Thanksgiving I also posted a story about a cat surviving a fire in California.

  2. With so many sad things happening in the world right now, the news that kitties surviving a wildfire is extra welcoming.

  3. What a wonderful story for you to have highlighted.

    I hope you and twinkletoes Luna had a peaceful holiday and that you are reunited sooner rather than later — like tomorrow!

    The Mumbai tragedy must have come as a shock, I imagine, and not just because you are an empathic soul. Hope all those whom you love or ever knew are safe.

    Your remark, “small joys are always possible,” reminded me of this comment from another wise soul, Meher Baba:

    The scope of service is not limited to gestures like giving big donations to public institutions. They also serve who express their love in little things.

    A word that gives courage to a drooping heart or a smile that brings hope and cheer in the midst of gloom has a much claim as onerous sacrifices and heroic self denials.

    A glance that wipes out bitterness from the heart and sets it throbbing with a new love is also service, although there may be no thought of service in it.

    When taken by themselves, all these seem to be small; but life is made up of many such small things. If these small things were ignored, life would be not only unbeautiful, but uninspirational.

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