hpnyc.org on the F train

Yesterday while was in the F train in New York, a young blond man came through the crowded car soliciting donations. I would not have given him much notice, except that as he was carrying a small black cat, and supposedly collecting for an organization called “Homeless Pets NYC” with a website hpnyc.org. The URL will take you to a site that describes the person I saw and his black cat, and suggests that like most subway solicitations it’s a scam. Very sad.

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  1. Did you get to Carnegie Hall by the F Train??

    Or was it Practice, practice, practice? [h/t to the free radical]


    PS: My favorite restaurant, Molyvos, just happens to be near the same stop. The family also owns City Limits Diner, at 200 Central Avenue in White Plains — at least that’s what a driving cat [who was never cruelly exploited on the subway, btw] once told me. They are also building a new eatery in Armonk, says my Mom. Small world, eh, when we cross our eyes and connect the dots.

    If you haven’t returned home yet, have a safe journey, and as usual, scritches for your favorite kitty.

  2. That’s a bad person, using a poor kitty and scamming people for money. I do hope he treats the kitty he has with him well.

    Look forward to seeing more of the NY trip.

  3. There are so many people asking for donations in New York City subways that you really need to become picky about who you give your change to. You could end up giving your change to a scammer only to have someone you actually want to give to show up 5 minutes later. I usually give only to people with visible disabilities or people who do performances.

  4. I saw a homeless guy on the divider between the cross bronx expressway yesterday while traveling home to VT from Philly, and he was holding a small tabby tucked in his shirt that appeared to be asleep.

    I didn’t notice the cat until we were just about to pass him (I was in the passenger seat).
    I worried that he might be using the cat as a prop, and that the cat was in danger in the middle of the highway, and the poor guy too of course. But the cat didn’t place itself into that treacherous position, so I called the ASPCA to report a possible cruelty case.

    The ASPCA humane officer informed me that the homeless man had been panhandling with that little cat for about six years, and since they knew him and had investigated, I assume he cares for the cat. I’m still concerned about the two of them in the middle of the highway, and wonder what kind of resources either of them have access to, and whether or not the man is an addict and/or mentally ill.

    If anyone knows more about this pair, please give me more info at dyepretty@yahoo.com
    Perhaps someone in NYC could get some food or toys to the kitty?
    I’d like to help if someone there would be interested in finding a way to assist them.

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