Weekend Cat Blogging: Patio one last time

This weekend we revisit Luna’s adventures on the patio, before the construction/destruction begins on Monday.

[click each photo to enlarge]

[click each photo to enlarge]

It is ironic how it was only after our move to the city that Luna got to enjoy time outdoors. Our patio is high above the ground and safely enclosed by high walls. The watery theme of the murals depict ocean, beaches, and all sorts of critters:

It will be sad to see it so badly damaged in the construction. Fortunately, we are going to have it restored in the spring. No two original works of art are ever alike, but the restored version could end up even better.

Another issue with the construction is that is isn’t a safe place for a cat. Luna will be checking into a great nearby boarding facility. She will be doted on and treated quite well. However, it is probably going to be a bit lonely here at CatSynth HQ.

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7 thoughts on “Weekend Cat Blogging: Patio one last time

  1. I also hope the construction goes well and quickly, so Luna can come home soon.

    Perhaps the artist can add some fishies to the new mural.

    Good luck. Hugs.

  2. (Listening to the great Ibrahim Ferrer’s Dos Gardenias while I read this)

    Dear Luna & Amar,

    Hi, I’m new around here. 😉 May I ask, “What construction?”

    [I apparently missed something while I was out to lunch.]

    Don’t forget to give her a t-shirt you’ve not washed after wearing, for her to snuggle in when she’s homesick! I’ll be thinking of you both and hope you’re reunited faster than la velocidad de la luz!

  3. Is the construction only on the patio or does it affect the house too? Is that why Luna is going away. I will miss her.Hope things go quickly and trouble free!!
    Purrs Mickey

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