5 thoughts on “The Whole World IS Watching

  1. The world was certainly watching.

    I heard bits and pieces of the speech, as I was at work. From what I heard though, it was quite inspirating, and hopeful. It didn’t sound too far-fetched (ie – what’s happening in the world such as war and economy) could take a long time to ‘fix’, but can be done, or improve a lot.

    This guy has a few big messes to sort, but if he keeps to his philosophy and hope, I’m sure he’ll do quite well.

  2. I watched too, for the first time ! and the first president I remember was Kennedy. But this time it was special.
    Congratulations to your new President !

  3. Geez, it’s been 3 days now & I’m still having to water my own plants & pay for the food I eat. Obama is a do-nothing president.

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