CatSynth in China Part 3, plus Japan!

Well, my third trip to China in less than half a year begins and the end this week. So for the next couple of weeks, expect fewer cats and synths, and more photos and thoughts from China. Even if it is the latest in a string of work-related trips, there are still plenty of things to explore in such a vast and complex country. And as a bonus, I will also be spending a couple of days in Tokyo! I expect Japan to be a different experience altogether. Expect high technology, modernism, crazy highways and urban landscapes, and of course cats.

During this trip, Luna will be boarding at the same place she stayed during our CatSynth HQ construction adventure. It’s always a bit sad to leave, but good to know that she will be well cared for.

8 thoughts on “CatSynth in China Part 3, plus Japan!

  1. We will miss you & Luna, but look forward to your coming posts!!!!
    Did I mention I am a tad jealous?????
    Have a fun & safe trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Purrs Mickey& Mombean

  2. Hmmm. 3 trips, 3 seasons. What differences do you see in those seasons in China?
    Hope you have a great time, and be safe.

    Maybe Luna’ll make another new friend at boarding.

    Take care.

  3. Wow, those photos took me back to my trip to Beijing last year. Absolutely brilliant photos by the way, really captured the mystique of the place. Jealous now. Want to get back!

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