42 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Luna Sun Triangle

  1. Good thing the cat didn’t run away 😀

    Happy WW! I also know an anime TV series where the main character had a cat named Luna as well 😉

  2. hi there, I’m stopping by from MWW to say hello! I have a black cat too! Mine is named Pumpkin. Great picture!!

  3. I actually found Luna in this spot a few times during April. As Matthew suggests, she may simply have found the right balance of light and shade to suit her.

  4. She looks stunning! All the colors and angles work out just right. Besides, we all know a pool of sunshine is less beautiful if there’s no cat in it.

  5. Hi Luna, you found a sunny and warm place there. You’re so pretty. Hugs to you.

  6. That beautiful cat knows the warm place to sit. Nice shot!

    Happy WW and thanks for your comment. And no it is not safe. Very poisonous in fact!

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