Midnight Monday CatSynth pic: More Luna in the Studio

A follow-up of sorts to Weekend Cat Blogging. Luna paused in front of this rack and of course I had to grab the nearest camera and snap a picture of her posing.

If Luna represents the present, the gear represents the past. The Yamaha TX81Z has a long personal history, but the other E-MU and Yamaha modules are just there, filling up space. I can remember when these were coveted items and each came with a large price tag. But they do make a nice backdrop for a “CatSynth pic.”

8 thoughts on “Midnight Monday CatSynth pic: More Luna in the Studio

  1. We can never get enough Lina!!! You look pawsome posing there. Did you get a nap in that window after?

    Thanks very much for the kind words of welcome for our little Joel. We are so happy to have him home. purrrrs

  2. Luna,you are SO pretty 🙂
    All the neat new stuff is big $$$$$
    in a few years it will be worth $
    and in many ,many more years we “hope” it
    will be priceless, 😉
    That is if we hang on to it long enough!

  3. Wow, your cat looks so cool. And so cute too… especially with that collar! ^_^
    Hopefully he/she’s not bringing you “bad luck.”

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