32 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Cooper River Bridge, South Carolina

  1. This is the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge, or the “Cooper River Bridge”, in Charleston, South Carolina. It carries US highway 17 from Charleston north along the South Carolina coast. I found the modern geometric structure interesting, and a contrast to the older buildings in Charleston.

    I took this photo while on vacation in South Carolina in early August.

  2. I never get over mankind’s ability to build. I sat in on a couple of steel and concrete stress structural engineering classes with a friend once and have to say application of the mathematical mind is amazing. ( Yeah I know how to have fun 😉 Great Picture the composition makes it very interesting. Happy WW

  3. This reminded my mom of a bridge that is in the Tampa area. Great photo. Thanks for stopping by today it was nice meeting. I put a link on my sidebar if that is OK with you so I can find my way back to visit again.

  4. That looks fabulous. I am sure, locals are proud of the place. Many people love to travel the world. If I’ve given an opportunity to travel, I’ll visit the place also.

  5. Groan, you were right down the road practically! Hwy 17 goes right past our street:


    Next time, you’re invited for dinner at our house and a walk on the beach!

  6. Awesome, Brookgreen Gardens is a wonderful place and so hard to believe in that setting, near the honky tonk town of Myrtle Beach.

    When I was a little girl, we lived in the Manhattan neighborhood of Washington Heights. My mother would take me out of school on a regular basis to explore the city and go to museums and such.

    Downstairs in the basement cafeteria of the Metropolitan Museum of Art was a sculpture pool around which the tables were arranged. I loved it for its playfulness. Years later I was showing the museum to an out-of-town visitor who was a bit of a country mouse [he thought the paintings were reproductions!], and we went downstairs to eat lunch. I was delighting in sharing my memories when, alas…the doors were shuttered. A major redesign was taking place. Wa-a-a-h, where was my pool of sculptured fountains and figures? I was really saddened.

    Guess what? The first time I went to Brookgreen, we turned a corner in the gardens, and…yeah, lucky old me…set among the blooming wisteria and Lady Banks yellow roses was my sculpture pool, the Fountain of Muses.

    See you soon!

  7. I love strong bold shapes, and I love a style of photography that is clean and simple yet conveys so much.
    You’ve got it right here in abundance. Strong geometric shapes against a clear blue sky – excellent. It reminds me of The Severn Bridge from England into Wales. I shoot people and my style is clean and simple – you can take a look if you’d like to. http://www.nickgregan.com

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