6 thoughts on “Cat-and-audio pic: Misha and KRK speakers

  1. I wish we kooda come visit yur stoodio on our trip to Sandfrandsisko. We were rite down the street at the Clift Hotel on Geary too. I hope to be back in June next yeer with my Daddy this time and I know he wood reely appresheeate yur geer even more than Mommy. Yoo live in a pawsum city and I enjoyed it as much as I kood in the time I had. More wild detales of the music porshun of my trip at my bloggy today.

  2. Misha is a beautiful Tortie !!!!!
    We love how her eyes and the speaker cones match 😉
    She is very alert about something too,heehee
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

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