CatSynth pic: mama & the wire-spaghetti

For National Feral Cat Day, we at CatSynth feature a picture of a former stray cat with a keyboard. From Poekie on flickr:

This is Mama, a stray cat, who has spent the last 2 years at the animal-shelter, where she gave birth to her son Zoen.
Mama ( we’re already calling her Mama Cat ), is very shy …. she doesn’t like anybody getting too close and spends most of her time in a dark, out-of-the-way corner…… we were warned she will be ” a bit of a challenge ”
Once the door of the cat-carrier opened, Mama Cat shot out in a flash and cowered in the dark, at the bottom of our cupboard, amoungst the cobwebs and wires, behind A.’s piano and synthesizer……. and there she still is !!!!

Mama is very slowly growing accustomed to us. She still
won’t let us touch her, but she has left her hidingplace and
now enjoys roaming around outside. Allthough she doesn’t
sleep indoors, she does come home to eat a few times a day,
so she must consider us to be her ‘home-base’.
She may never again be a lapcat, but as long as she seems
to be happy, so are we 🙂

2 thoughts on “CatSynth pic: mama & the wire-spaghetti

  1. Feel sad for Mama, but I’m glad she’s got a loving home. I hope she’ll one day let herself be petted and play with toys.

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