Wordless Wednesday: Fremont Street “overpass”

17 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Fremont Street “overpass”

  1. This is what remains of the overpass over Fremont Street in San Francisco. The Fremont Street exit from I-80 has been reconfigured, and removed the last remnants of the former Embarcadero Freeway. This work leaves behind the “bridge to nowhere” visible in this picture, set against the contemporary buildings of the area where SOMA (South of Market) meets the Financial District.

    This image was taken in May of this year, and posted today as a shout-out to a friend.

  2. We have quite a few overpasses to nowhere in Baltimore, but mostly they’re in places where they decided to save the neighborhood instead of building the highway. The most famous is the four lane section of US 40 that is highway for about 1.5 miles before ending in a spectacular overpass to nowhere. Would have connected I-95 and I-70 if it had been finished.

  3. I should clarify. This overpass used to be part of an existing highway that was rerouted and partially demolished, so there are a few pieces like this that were orphaned as a result.

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