22 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday, North from Pier 70

  1. This is the view from one of the artists’ studio buildings at Pier 70 in the Mission Bay (or “Dogpatch”) neighborhood of San Francisco. It’s an industrial area along the bay front, and a place I found very inspirational for photography.

    In this photo, we are looking north towards my own neighborhood, “South of Market” or SOMA. (I will let readers ponder at their leisure the concept of looking “north” at a neighborhood labelled as “south”.) A couple of notable landmarks from SOMA that one can see in the distance are the Rincon Hill Building (the tall skinny building in the center of the frame) and AT&T park, where the San Francisco Giants play.

    Posting this photo today is also a proverbial “kick in the tuchus” to get around to my reviews of Open Studios from the weekend of October 24th and 25th. I will hopefully do that soon.

  2. This is not the SF I know….very interesting post!
    “Your” black cat Mickey looks lika mine…the same colours of the eyes (in my side-layout).
    Happy WW

  3. Looks great, love how industrial it all looks. Reminds of the industrial estate where the guy off fight club lives for some reason.

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