Wordless Wednesday: Islais Creek

Islais Creek, San Francisco

A beautiful view of the still-industrial Islais Creek in San Francisco, with the double-decker I-280 in the background. Although so much in San Francisco has changed and industrial zones are disappearing, I am heartened to see the area still has some of the character the drew me to it several years ago.

I was nominally in the area that day to see artists and their work at Islais Creek Open Studios.

Wordless Wednesday: Yellow Pipes Perspective

Yellow Pipes Perspective

Wordless Wednesday: Port Dynamism (San Francisco)

Pier 70 Port Dynamism San Francisco

Wordless Wednesday: Tilted (Pier 70, San Francisco)

Pier 70, San Francisco

Wordless Wednesday: Colors and Pipes

Colors and Pipes

Wordless Wednesday: Jungle Cat

Jungle Cat, Pier 70, San Francisco

Wordless Wednesday: Textured Wall

Wordless Wednesday, North from Pier 70