21 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Spring Street

  1. This photo was taken along Spring Street in New York, just west of Bowery.
    Notice the Chinese characters among the more standard graffiti text.

  2. So does the tag mean you took this on your iPhone? I’m impressed–such great composition on such a camera! I don’t think I’ve ever taken anything close to this good on my iPhone!

    Happy last WW of 2009 to all of you at CatSynth! Hope Luna gets tuna to ring in the new year!

  3. I agree this is a pretty darned good shot from an iPhone, but you seem to do well with whatever camera you’re using. You do have a way of spotting detail the rest of us might miss…

  4. It looks so beautiful in the picture but of course when you live with it and see it on a daily basis you see it differently!

    Happy (early) New Year!

    Btw think its so amazing that you can get that with an iPhone!

  5. Hello… great capture first of all.
    Happy new year second and most important.
    And third… The sight of holding hands you comented…
    Was captured In UmeƄ Sweden on my way home from work, printed on the sideroad.

  6. That is a good picture, esp. taken from iphone.

    If there was a place where people can go and ‘express’ their artistic creativity. This way, there’s less chance of graffiti.

  7. Haha, I was going to point out how much some of the graffiti seemed to have devolved into a near-Chinese script, and then I saw the comment noting it’s real. Apparently I’m equally unable to read either! Entertaining pic.

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