CatSynth pics: Pulsewidthmod

Some more photos from pulsewidthmod on flickr:

Not “cat and synthesizer” pics per se, but they do include equipment that is often overlooked but still vital to making music. The mound of tangled cables puts our messy cables at CatSynth HQ to shame. They also reminded me a bit of Christina Mazza’s drawings from the SF Recology Artists in Residence opening that I saw a few weeks ago.

5 thoughts on “CatSynth pics: Pulsewidthmod

  1. Yup, that is a tangled mess 🙂
    Good thing the kitty is very attractive!
    The wall covering is neat too 😉
    Maybe Christina Mazza was inspired by a pile of cables like that
    in addition to the elastics.
    Purrs Mickey

  2. Yep, it is a mess. Even the kitty looks a bit wide-eyed.
    Then, again, maybe that’s one big playground. 🙂

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