18 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Portal

  1. This photo was taken near the entrance to a gallery at 50 Moganshan Road in Shanghai in June of last year.

    50 Moganshan Road is a warren of contemporary art galleries in a formerly industrial section of Shanghai, along the Suzhou Creek.

  2. Thanks for the perceptive comments so far. The contrasts are certainly a central part of the photo – feminine vs. masculine, bright colors vs muted, etc. Some my photos of Luna have similar contrasts. It is a theme I definitely want to use more deliberately in future photos.

    Also, there was an error on the site with this post being shown twice. I corrected it, and consolidated all the comments under a single post.

  3. It would take me awhile to really look at an intricate piece of artwork like that, but I wonder why the gal is looking elsewhere?

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. You are right, I really do notice the claws & scales of the alligator better against a contrasting background.

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