CatSynth videos: Cats react to iPhone Cat Piano

Today I specifically wanted to post some cat-and-iphone-music videos. While these don’t quite rise to the level of iggy investigating the iPad, they do make use of the popular “cat piano” app for iPhone.

From luke255 on YouTube:

“My cat Dennis has an interesting conversation with my iPhone!”

And another, from amb0 on YouTube:

The black cat in this video looks a bit like Luna.

I do of course have this particular iPhone app, and have even used it in some shows. Luna has shown very little interest in it, however. She is clearly jaded from gadgets making strange sounds (even cat-like sounds)

3 thoughts on “CatSynth videos: Cats react to iPhone Cat Piano

  1. I just interrupted Nikita’s nap by playing these, um, hee, hee! ;-D

    He immediately awoke, and his ears quickly went to attention, as he looked around for the cats, and finally figured out they were on the computer, which he then stared at intently for the duration. ;-D

  2. You definitely got his attention. My dog didn’t bat an eye.

    By the way, you asked me about the blue beams in NYC…it’s called “The Wall” by Frosty Myers and it’s located on the corner of Broadway & Houston.

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