Luna’s 5th Adoption Anniversary

Today marks five years since I first brought Luna home from the Santa Cruz County animal shelter.  Time certainly does pass quickly.  We celebrate this anniversary (otherwise known as Luna’s “Gotcha Day”) with a look back at photographs from our five years together.

Here she is back in 2005.

and then in 2006

and finally in 2007.

That series of photos ends after we moved to San Francisco in 2008, but there is no shortage of images of Luna basking in sunlight.  Here she is in 2008 (outdoors):

and 2009:

and finally this year:

(There are so many photos it can be hard to choose just one representative.)

Our friends at the Cat Blogosphere made an announcement today along with this nice banner:

Please join us in wishing Luna a “Happy 5th Gotcha Day!”

11 thoughts on “Luna’s 5th Adoption Anniversary

  1. Happy Gotcha Day, Luna and Amar.
    Luna’s always been a pretty kitty. Somehow she gets prettier every year 🙂

  2. Happy Gotcha Day to a beautiful Luna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Keep on enjoying life 🙂
    fPurrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  3. Happy Gotcha Day to an absolutely gorgeous cat. It was my cats first birthday yesterday – his name is Beppe and is now a one year old seal mitted ragdoll… I have never owned a ragdoll before but just cannot describe how much fun and love he has brought to our family – its like having a toddler all over again.. Ragdoll hugs to you xx

  4. I love this stuff!

    Daddy, and I have been working as a team, using his camera, for years, and whenever we visit CatSynth we are inspired by the work of Luna & her Human, to do our very best as we now learn to use Daddy’s new camera. ;-D

    Happy Anniversary!

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