20 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: End Elizabeth

  1. Interesting place. I have no idea where the end of Elizabeth is in SF. Does traffic go underneath that bridge?

    BTW, the balloon flower sculpture you saw on my WW post is in New York City by the former World Trade Center buildings.

  2. Elizabeth Street goes through the Noe Valley section of San Francisco. It ends on the slope of Twin Peaks near the elevated section of Market Street. In fact this photo is not far from the location of last week’s WW photo.

    The street ends there, and there is not actually any traffic underneath the bridge (as far I can tell there are no streets that cross underneath the Market Street elevated section, though there are pedestrian walkways).

  3. This has a quiet, out-of-time feel to it. And it seems the condos are sitting on the highway. Every level seems to exist on one plane–and not to.

  4. I liked that hidden little detail, too, but BJ Roan’s comment is what really cracked me up. You did a good job of garnering some fun comments this week!

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