Fun with Stats: Nobel Peace Prizes by Country

In light of today’s Nobel Prize award in peace, a little number-crunching of peace prizes by country (using this Wikipedia page as a data source).  I actually did not guess this distribution in advance.

United States 22
France 10
United Kingdom 10
Germany 6
Ireland 5
Sweden 5
Belgium 4
South Africa 4
Switzerland 4
Austria 3
Israel 3
Argentina 2
Bangladesh 2
Canada 2
China 2
Egypt 2
Norway 2
Poland 2
Portugal 2
Russia / USSR 2
Costa Rica 1
Czech Republic / Austria-Hungary 1
Denmark 1
East Timor 1
Finland 1
Ghana 1
Guatemala 1
India 1
Iran 1
Italy 1
Japan 1
Kenya 1
South Korea 1
Macedonia 1
Burma (Myanmar) 1
Mexico 1
Netherlands 1
Palestine 1
Romania 1
Vietnam 1

You can read a speech by the most recent winner Liu Xiaobo here.

2 thoughts on “Fun with Stats: Nobel Peace Prizes by Country

  1. Great idea for a post 🙂
    That is an interesting list. Not a lot of surprises(except Iran maybe)
    The countries not on the list tend to be the ones you expect to not be on the list 😉
    Thanks for posting this list.

  2. Today is both a wonderful and a sad day. Wonderful because the Nobel Peace Prize is given out, and despite the fact that some places are at war, there are many people who still have hope and acknowledge the imporance of peace, and strive to make it happen, no matter the cost.
    It’s also a sad day because this year’s winner is behind bars, for promoting peace. and freedom.

    May Liu Xiaobo and his wife stay strong while he’s in prison.

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