23 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Triple Landmarks (Long Island City, New York)

  1. Another from the Long Island City neighborhood in New York City. This one features three landmarks: the 7 (Flushing) elevated subway tracks, the 5 Pointz Art Center with its graffiti-covered facade, and the CitiGroup building (not to be confused with the CitiGroup building in Manhattan).

  2. Obama’s capitulation on the tax cuts is a craven, inexcusable, pathetic act of political cowardice that legitimizes all the left-wing whining about him that generally has been, until this point, unmerited.

  3. Where else can you get 3 landmarks in 1 picture? 🙂
    I like the graffiti, especially the blue colour.

  4. Stunning contrast between the refined building in the background and the graffiti in the foreground, and the artwork just stands out that much more.

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