18 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: New York Against The World

  1. Another photo from my most recent trip to New York. So many inspiring images.
    I’m not sure what the story is behind this wall covered with “New York Against The World” stickers, but it seemed like the perfect sentiment/attitude. There are a few other phrases scattered throughout.

    Click on the image to enlarge, it is worth it to see more detail.

  2. What a cool collage. I am headed down to Manhattan in a couple of hours and hope I see something like this to take a picture of.

    I am getting a Hammond XB1 for Christmas. Yeah! After years of piecing together a decent organ sound from Yamaha, Korg and Roland I decided to try the real thing (almost).

  3. I’m all for recycle and what better way than art which dresses up a wall. I tried maybe 10 different ways to get to your site last night without success and wanted to let you know your WW link wasn’t working, so tried googling it, but none of the links worked, so thought I’d give it one more try again this morning from WW – persistence pays 🙂 pleased to see your back online Happy WW

  4. Yes, there were some problems with accessing the site last night. It even took me a while to even get the post up :(. Fortunately it seems to be working today. Thanks for being persistent.

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